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 Submitting an Article to


You can now submit your own articles to to be read by other IT professionals across the globe.  Submitting an article is easy and this page will guide you through the process.

What types of articles can I submit?

Only articles that will be of interest to other IT Professionals (System Admins, DBAs etc) will be accepted.  An approval system has been put in place to prevent spammers from abusing the system.  The article should either by your own work, or you should give credit to the original author when submitting the article.  You can create an article to be hosted by, or you can link to an existing article on a different website.

How do I create an Article?

Part 1 - Add metadata for your article

  • Log in with your WiseSoft username and password.  (Click here to obtain your free account)
  • Click the "Submit Article" link from the "Articles" menu or click here to load the web page.
  • Enter metadata for your article:
    • Enter a title for your article. (This is shown in the article listings)
    • Enter a description for your article. (This is shown in the article listings)
    • Select an article type.  If you want to create a new article, leave the default of "Create Article" selected.  If the article already exists on a different website, please click the "Link to URL" option.
    • If you selected the "Link to URL" option, you will have the option to provide a URL for the article.
    • Select an author type.  If article is your own work, leave the "My Article" option selected.  If the article was created by someone else, please select the "Submitted on behalf of..." option to give credit to the original author.
    • If you selected the "Submitted on behalf of..." option you will have the opportunity to enter the author name and an optional URL for the author.
    • Select one or more categories that are appropriate for your article.  If a suitable category does not exist, please enter a category name in the "Suggest Category" textbox.

Part 2 - Using the FCKEditor to create your article

The FCKEditor pictured above is a powerful tool for creating documents online.  The interface is easy to use and should be familiar to those of you that have used Microsoft Word before.  The standard formatting options are available and you can also insert pictures and other content to make your article look more interesting.  It's recommended that you use the "Heading 1..2..3..etc" options from the Format menu to style your article - this will give your article the same look and feel as the rest of the website.

If you prefer, you can create the article in MS Word and use the "Paste from Word" feature.  You can also use your favorite HTML editor to create documents.  Just select the "Source" button and paste the HTML into the editor.

For a more complete guide to using the FCKEditor, please visit this link.

Note: It's recommended that you save your article at regular intervals to protect against data loss.

Part 3 - Saving/Publishing/Preview

You can save your article at any time by clicking the "Save Article" button.  Please ensure that your article has at least a title and description filled in before you save.  You can access your article at any time by clicking the "My Articles" link on the left side of the website.  If you have finished working on your article for now, click the "Finish Editing" to save changes and return to the "My Articles" page.  Your saved article is not visible to other users until it is published. 

The "Preview" button can be used to see how your finished article will look.  You must save your article before the preview option is available.  Also, any changes made will not be visible until you save the article.

Once you have finished editing your article you can use the "Publish Article" link to publish your article.  Your article status will change from "Saved" to "Publish Pending".  The article will then be checked to ensure that the content is suitable for the website.  The status of your article will change to "Published" if your article is accepted and it will be visible to all users of this website.

Status Description
Saved The article is saved and will be available to finish editing at a later date. The article is not visible to other users of this website.  Articles with a status of "saved" will not be published until you have indicated that you are ready for the article to be published.
Publish Pending You have requested your article to be published and it is waiting to be approved. 
Published Your article has been published and it is visible to other users of this website.
Rejected If the content of the article is not suitable for this website it will be rejected.  Please only submit articles that will be of interest to other IT Professionals (System Admins, DBAs etc)


Final Word

I'm very grateful to those of you that wish to share your knowledge and help improve by submitting your own articles.  Writing articles can be a time consuming process and I appreciate the time and effort spent creating articles for the website.  It can also be a very rewarding experience sharing your knowledge with other people across the globe.   I hope that you find the process of submitting an article straight forward enough - please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions as to how the process can be improved. 

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the people behind FCKEditor for their fantastic HTML editor component.

Many Thanks,

David Wiseman



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