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The original Password Control application was a simple tool to allow helpdesk staff to reset user passwords and to enable/disable user accounts.  Password Control was ideal for changing individual user passwords but cumbersome for changing passwords for many user accounts.  Password Control was extended by adding a "Bulk Password Control" tool to make it easy to reset passwords for multiple user accounts. 

I wanted to extend Bulk Password Control further to allow bulk modifications of other attributes - for example, changing the account options (user must change password at next logon etc), updating the user profile path or other common changes that system admins would want to apply to many user accounts.  The "Bulk Modify" tool was added for this purpose.

Password Control still remains a simple tool that allows helpdesk staff to reset user passwords, but it is also a powerful tool for system administrators.  The option to install only the Password Control application is available if you don't want your helpdesk staff to have access to the extra tools.

You can click the links below to find out more information about the Password Control, Bulk Password Control or Bulk Modify.

Password Control 

A tool designed to allow helpdesk staff to reset user passwords. 

Bulk Password Control

A tool to allow you to modify passwords for many user accounts

Bulk Modify

A tool to allow you to bulk-modify active directory attributes.



Password Control 

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