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Remove Members from Group without attribute value

Language:  VBScript


Windows XP Unknown Windows 2003 Yes
Windows 2000 Unknown Windows NT Unknown
Vista Yes Windows 2008 Yes

Remove all members from group where the value of a particular attribute does not match a specified value.


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OPTION Explicit
Dim strGroupDN,strNETBIOSDomain, strGroupName
Dim objSystemInfo, objGroup, objMember
Dim strAttributeName, strAttributeValue, strValue
Dim strMemberDN
' ********************* Setup *********************
' Group to remove users from
' Remove all users from group where the wWWHomePage value does not equal "20"
strAttributeName = "wWWHomePage"
strAttributeValue = "20"
' *************************************************
SET objSystemInfo = CREATEOBJECT("ADSystemInfo") 
'Required for name translate
strNETBIOSDomain = objSystemInfo.DomainShortName
' Convert group name to distinguished name
strGroupDN =  GetDN(strNETBIOSDomain,strGroupName)
SET objGroup = GETOBJECT("LDAP://" & strGroupDN)
FOR EACH objMember in objGroup.Members
		On Error Resume Next ' Ignore error that occurs when reading blank attribute value
		strValue = ""
		strValue = objMember.Get(strAttributeName)
		On Error GoTo 0
		' Remove user from group if attribute value does not match expected value
  		If strValue  <> strAttributeValue Then
  			WScript.Echo "Removing user " & objMember.ADsPath & " from group"
  			objGroup.Remove objMember.ADsPath
  		End If
' Function to convert name into distinguished name format
FUNCTION GetDN(BYVAL strDomain,strObject)
	' Use name translate to return the distinguished name
	' of a user from the NT UserName (sAMAccountName)
	' and the NETBIOS domain name.
	DIM objTrans
	SET objTrans = CREATEOBJECT("NameTranslate")
	objTrans.Init 1, strDomain
	objTrans.SET 3, strDomain & "\" & strObject
	GetDN = objTrans.GET(1) 
END Function


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